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Why Mautic Is The Best Open Source Marketing Automation Software 2020?


Why Mautic Is The Best Open Source Marketing Automation Software 2020 Mautic is versatile which helps businesses to understand, streamline, and expand their business in an effective manner. This powerful marketing tool includes social media marketing feature allowing organizations to reach their target audience and interact with them seamlessly.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a technique that helps marketers automate their repetitive marketing activities like email marketing, lead nurturing, ad campaigns, etc. with the help of tools and software.

Since we’re going to talk about Mautic here, I thought it would be best if we put a definition of Marketing Automation from Mautic itself. So here’s how Mautic defines Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Axiom Marketing_akhil-dev

Using marketing automation can give a boom to your sales, generate qualified leads, help in lead nurturing, and also plays a prominent role in lead management and conversion. There are enough effective marketing automation plugins to use but as the topic says, we’re gonna talk about Mautic here. So let’s begin by understanding the software and then move towards how you can use it for your business. Plus what are the magical features it possesses and how we can produce aid in improving the overall user experience?

What Is Mautic?

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software that helps online businesses automate their repetitive marketing tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns, etc.Mautic helps marketing teams bring open source marketing automation back to the center of their stack. It gives them immense power to create a more personalized experience for your audience across all their digital platforms and channels.It is open, flexible, versatile, and has been built with keeping the modern marketers in mind. But many of us have a question about whether mautic is free or not. So let’s talk about it.

Is Mautic Free?

Mautic is available in self-hosted (mautic.org) and hosted (mautic.com) platforms. And since it is an open-source marketing automation software, installing self-hosted Mautic is completely free. But keep in mind, a server is required to install mautic and that costs you a few bucks.

So here are the steps you can follow to install Mautic on your server:

  1. Download the latest version of Mautic
  2. Unzip the downloaded Mautic file and transfer it to your preferred installation location in your remote directory using your FTP Client.
  3. Setup a new MySQL database. Create a new database in it, then a user and then grant all permissions to that new MySQL user.
  4. Navigate to your Mautic Installation URL and Complete the Mautic Installation Wizard.

But if you don’t have a server and still want to use it, you can try the hosted Mautic platform, i.e. mautic.com. Their trial is free and if you like you can purchase it too.

With self-hosted mautic you can customize it as per your requirements. You can extend its functionality to achieve more. You can use the third party mautic plugins and extensions to extend mautic features and integrate it with other platforms.

Why Is Mautic So Popular?

Mautic has been questioned several times by marketers. But, what makes it unique is that it’s a free marketing automation platform and is packed with amazing features. Easier than ever to build email nurture campaigns, personalize messages, A/B testing, abandoned cart recovery, and track and measure results.

14 Features That Prove Mautic Is The Best Open Source Marketing Automation Software

  1. Lead generation and contact scoring
  2. Campaign Building
  3. Contact segmentation
  4. Focus items
  5. Email builder
  6. Page builder
  7. Lead nurturing
  8. A/B testing
  9. User activity tracking
  10. Dynamic content for personalization
  11. Customer retention
  12. Crucial campaign run
  13. Saves time
  14. Works even when you sleep

1. Lead Generation And Contact Scoring

Lead generation is one of the most important jobs for every business. If you don’t have leads, who’d you target or persuade to buy your product. Here, Mautic’s lead generation and contact scoring features come into play. We can use mautic forms, focus items, and tracking script for lead generation and assign scores on behalf of their behavior and activities on the website like page visit, read an email, open an email, etc.

Once you analyze and assign scores to the leads, you can segregate them into different segments.

network marketing tips_akhil-dev

Contact scoring helps you generate more targeting and personalized and relevant content that the customers can relate with. And 78% of U.S. consumers say that personally, relevant content boosts their purchase intent.

2. Campaign Building

The best thing about mautic is that it allows you to create campaigns or workflows with several decisions, conditions, and actions. And all of these are so well displayed and easily understandable that no one faces an issue while understanding the campaign, whether it is a merchant or a common user. You can simply use the drag and drop feature, select and add conditions, actions, and decisions and give them a suitable name. For example, you are creating a campaign for abandoned cart recovery.

You can add an action of sending an email reminder to cart abandoners. Then you can add a condition like if they open the email, check if they’re eligible for a coupon code. If yes, send an email with the coupon code after a few days. The created campaign looks something like this in the Mautic CRM.

maxresdefault 1_akhil-dev

3. Contact Segmentation

Segmentation helps you divide your customers into specific groups on different criteria like age, gender, location, company size, income, etc. According to a 2017 Mailchimp survey, the open rate of segmented campaigns is 14% higher than the non-segmented ones.

With mautic, you can also do customer segmentation to create high converting and targeting campaigns. Mautic collects the users’ information through the automated forms and pop-ups which can be used to create campaigns that offer what exactly a user needs.

WebEngage gives a sheer example of customer segmentation with this picture. It explains how a jewelry store will segment their female customers. This clears the picture of how to plan for a specific segment of customers.


By selecting the relevant field in your marketing automation software – mautic, you can easily get the segmented list of all those customers who match the selected criteria. And then you can pitch your campaigns you created for them.

4. Focus Items

Focus Items is a cool feature that helps out merchants in many different ways. It helps them to increase their traffic on a specific page. It also helps in lead capturing and increases the number of leads.

Focus Items lets a merchant select what they want to focus on like Data Collection, Display a notice, or Emphasize a link.

If your site is going on maintenance for example, you can select the focus “Display A Notice” to display a popup that tells your website visitors about the time and other details of your site maintenance. This feature can also be used to display sign up forms or to redirect visitors to a free product trial.

Once you select the focus, you can select how you want to engage the visitors like on their arrival at your site, or after how many seconds you want to show the popup. And what style you want to use to engage visitors like you want to display a bar across the header, a full page window, a notification, or a popup.

pop up_akhil-dev

Source: Acquia

Using this feature can be a great way to increase the number of leads, sales of a product or service.

5. Email Builder

Emails are still the most preferable type of method when it comes to business. They’re used to nurture your leads, bring back the users to complete the purchase, update the readers about your newly published articles.

You should know that the open rate of emails in January 2020 was 41.85% with an 8.1% click-through rate.

Assume if 42 out of 100 people are opening and reading your emails, how many of them would buy your product. Many of them. But this will happen if your emails and the content inside it is well-designed.

This is where the Mautic email building feature comes into handy. It provides you several different email templates you can use for your campaigns.

With these templates, you can write dynamic content that can be changed as per the needs. This feature makes it very simple to build attractive and elegant emails. You just need to use the drag and drop feature to create emails that attract users, drive conversions and grow your email list.

email builder_akhil-dev

6. Page Builder

One of the most significant features of Mautic is Page Builder. Simply put, page building lets you create landing pages for each of your offers, promotions, programs, and campaigns. You can create responsive landing pages by using the easy drag and drop interface.

Page Builder_akhil-dev

You don’t face any technical challenges while creating your landing pages with Mautic. Furthermore, you can also run A/B tests on these landing pages and add forms to capture leads. Forms play a valuable role in Mautic and helps merchants to collect, organize, and analyze data and customer behavior with ease.

7. Lead Nurturing

Do you know, approximately 96% of users visit your website without an intention to buy something? You have to nurture them to convert them into your customers. This portrays the importance of lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is essential for every business. Nurturing your leads consistently turns your prospects into customers and your customers into brand advocates. Mautic does this job pretty easily and automatically.

By creating email campaigns, you can nurture your leads, engage them, and move them forward in your marketing funnel. Mautic works here very precisely. All you need to do is to create content that resonates with the stage a user is on. And this software will deliver that content to every single user in that particular stage.

If you keep the customer stage in your mind while creating the content, you’ll make it more personalized. And nothing nurtures a user better than consistent and personalized content.

8. A/B Testing

You have enough time to test your marketing strategy, sales pitch, and emails, to make sure they perform well.

Mautic helps you figure out the best online promotional and automated marketing strategies for your business. Mautic has built-in A/B testing feature for both emails and landing pages.

Use Mautic A/B testing to assess which one out of two automated marketing campaigns is the most effective in terms of CTR or conversion rates in pages.

In an A/B test, you set up two variations of the single campaign and send them to that a part of your total recipients.

Here’s an example:

email ab testing example
Source: Optimizely

Mautic allows you to test a number of different elements so that you can test what content is engaging your target audience. It can be an email subject line or email body or an active CTA. Take easy plus effective decisions based on detailed reporting and stats.

9. User Activity Tracking

With Mautic, you can track the user activities that help you identify the interests of the users. You can do this by simply adding a code in your Mautic CRM. Once you do this, it will help you track what product page a user is visiting, what is he purchasing, and what not.

This helps you get a better understanding of what type of products a customer is interested in. So you can create your campaigns according to it.

10. Dynamic Content For Personalization

Before discussing anything on this, let me show you some stats about personalized content.

  • Emails with personalized content have 6x higher transaction rates.
  • Emails with a personalized subject line have 26% higher open rates.

People love to open emails that are created just for them. And mautic allows dynamic customization in emails, forms, and landing pages for specific customer segments or groups of leads and prospects.

It can be anything if you’re working on your welcome series, dynamic content, another marketing automation technique. Our effective marketing automation tool will come to your help.

11. Mautic Boosts Client Retention

It’s amazing to share a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25% and 95%? Moreover, customer retention plays a significant role in driving retail revenue.customer retention stats

Here’s how Mautic can give a boost to customer retention?

It employs triggered messaging which is a perfect way to suggest testimonials, ask for product reviews, feedback, and send referrals and rewards and incentives. This engages customers and increases the chances of retaining them.

Moreover, it uses post-sale customer nurturing that offers cross-sells and upsells, sends targeted and personalized messages to your customers, and monitors their behavior.

Every marketer wants leads and new customers and puts all of their efforts in nurturing them. But, they forget to nourish their existing customers and lose a big part of their sales. Consequently, it is a well-known fact that customer retention is actually highly valuable to your business.

Free marketing automation software platforms like mautic liberate and enable teams to acquire, nurture, and close the sales qualified leads(SQLs).

12. Mautic Provides Crucial Campaign Run

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
– John Wanamaker

Effective marketing automation makes it conceivable to pick up an understanding of your procedure adequacy and marketing spend. For a small business with limited resources, this can be more challenging.

The most useful marketing automation features are Analytics and Reporting (52%), campaign management (46%), and lead nurturing (46%). It becomes obvious that analytics and reporting resonate with so many.

Marketers run various email marketing campaigns that drive sales as well as prove their campaign’s success.

But, if you don’t have any data to measure, how would you accomplish this. An effective Marketing Automation platform includes reporting and analytics features that provide all the valuable data you need in running the marketing campaign.

Connect your WooCommerce store with mautic and…

  • Sync your customer’s data over mautic
  • Track email performance
  • Increase in Online Sales
  • Convert Abandoned Cart To Sales
  • Delight customers with dynamic coupons

Use your data to stay effective and adaptable and you’ll start seeing results quickly. If a small business can determine what strategies are effective, they can double down on what works and what doesn’t. And that means they can win more sales and grow their revenue.

13. Saves Time

benefits of marketing automation
A free marketing automation platform saves your time and money to an extent. Lesser overheads, lesser email marketing preparation, lesser time spent reporting on stats and creating new and high-targeting campaigns.

Mautic reduces the overall time spent performing tasks in the long-term. You can use mautic features including dynamic content, campaign decision & condition logic to win customers with the right content at the right moment. All this requires less and one-time effort. You just need to set up the things once and rest will be done automatically.

14. Works Even When You Sleep

Mautic is about automation. It will never ever stop your marketing. As you’re busy with other tasks, attending some important meeting, or even if you are sleeping.

Your marketing automation software is working at your place. Everything from automated emails, contact segmentation, or social media postings are done automatically while you’re playing polo at Russian Green Garden.

How Can You Automate WooCommerce Sales & Marketing Using Mautic?

The easiest way to do this is by integrating your WooCommerce store with Mautic. There are plenty of third-party extensions that let you do that. Just make sure the plugin you use requires minimal manual efforts. And if we’re talking about a plugin that checks all the boxes when it comes to marketing automation, the plugin I recall is Mautic WooCommerce Integration.

It integrates your WooCommerce store with Mautic with a few simple steps. Synchronizes your store data to on Mautic for easy handling. Extends the segmentation criteria so you can bifurcate your contacts on many different measures for infallible targeting.

Here’s how you can automate your WooCommerce sales and marketing with this plugin.

  • Converting Marketing Campaigns

    We spend or in fact waste, loads of hours on creating, running, and observing the results of our campaigns. Campaigns that don’t convert, don’t drive traffic, don’t worth your labor.

    A reason behind your marketing campaign failure can be that it doesn’t deliver customers what they want. With Mautic WooCommerce Integration, you analyze your customers’ behavior by tracking their activities on your site. This gives you an idea of what they like. And when you have that, you can create campaigns to show them relevant ads, deliver personalized content, etc. to persuade them to buy.

  • Email Marketing Automation

    Emails are still one of the primary marketing channels. 81% of SMBs still bank on emails for customer acquisition. And the most prominent data about email marketing is that brands can generate up to $42 on every $1 spent on email marketing.

    However, handling all the email-related activities become a tough cookie for brands when they have a good number of users.

    Here Mautic WooCommerce Integration can help business owners by providing them email marketing automation capabilities. This makes it easier for brands to connect with their customers. Simultaneously, it drives better results for the brands.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing is a method that supports customers across their journey. From a prospect to a user, a user to a customer, and a customer to a brand advocate, it helps you create a complete strategy. When you use Mautic WooCommerce integration, you automate the process required in each stage of the customer journey.

    Moreover, it generates leads that are more aware, educated, and interested in your brand. Hence, you don’t need to do too much to convince them to make a purchase.

    Mautic WooCommerce Integration plugin helps you create precise inbound marketing campaigns that persuade the prospects best. You can attract users through landing pages, segment customers as per their activities, nurture them with targeted content, retarget customers, etc.

    This backs your inbound marketing and brings more qualified leads to your brand.

    Related: Why Inbound Marketing is the Hottest Marketing Today?

    Marketing Automation with Mautic WooCommerce integration helps you create highly effective marketing campaigns to grow your business with fewer manual efforts. The Integration passes all the customer data from your WooCommerce store to Mautic. Which include order information, abandoned carts, average order value, and much more.

    At the time of installation, the integration will take care of the custom fields that are required for your automation. And creates those fields on the mautic.

    Based on the customer activities, it syncs those fields from your WooCommerce store to Mautic. The integration also creates a higher level of customer segmentation based on customers buying frequency, the amount they spend, and their average order total amount.

    Then with the help of mautic campaigns, you can automate your marketing to keep them engaged to spend more with you.


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